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Meet The Team

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Alan Nietlisbach

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As a 2nd generation coffee trader, I have been working in the specialty green coffee industry for over twenty five years, having built and grown specialty trading teams and supply chains at major international trading houses. I provide in depth insights and consulting services for both the origin and the specialty roaster and offer innovative approaches to sourcing, quality, sustainability, marketing and risk management.


Marcel I. Nietlisbach


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Growing up around sample roasters and cupping rooms instilled a love for good coffee and the community that comes with it. Its no surprise I am the 3rd generation of my family in the coffee business. Professionally I started as a barista and roasting assistant at local craft coffee roasters where I developed a passion for building relationships. I take pride in perfecting brewing methods, latte art and developing my cupping skills to support and contribute to the industry I've learned to love.

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