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CASCARA Coffee Husk

Coffee cherry tea is a herbal tea made from the dried skins of the coffee fruit. Often it is more than the skins that are used, and include the dried berries (or "cherries") of the coffee plant that remain after the coffee beans have been collected from within. It is also known as cascara, from the Spanish cáscara, meaning "husk".

Long before humans were brewing coffee they were chewing coffee. Perhaps 500 years before anyone (probably in what is Yemen today) figured out you could roast, grind, and brew the seed inside a coffee cherry, people had figured out that the cherry itself, filled with all sorts of stuff to both protect and nurture the seed inside, was worth consuming. They had a variety of ways for doing this but one of them was undoubtedly drying and brewing the cherry. So it is that Cascara, dried coffee cherry suitable for making tea, is a call-back to antiquity, an ancient drink made new again.

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